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With tuition for tertiary education on the rise nationally, most South Africans cannot study due to not having the time or the finances to attain a degree. It does not mean that your chances of getting a job are ruined. This is the reason why Digispacehub offer opportunities to people with skills. 

When we look at people who do not complete their school and still excel in the world, these are outstanding human beings. 

We utilize  these talents to assist businesses to expand throughout the world. We strive to make Africa flourish. 

We started the company whereby young people reveal their creative abilities by helping other younger people, SMEs in particular, to achieve their business visions. An open pathway for students or skilled people including unqualified youth with specific digital talent, could secure a job. They can gradually learn within their passionate skilled sector. 

We can change the way our customers’ brands present themselves and communicate, especially SMEs in Africa. With our assistance, our clients build purposeful relationships with their consumers and as a client, you create job opportunities in Africa.

Furthermore we offer creative business outcomes. We have a passion for SME’s, businesses, innovative technology, creative ideas and amazing designs. 

Our PR and communications services, provide a strategic and highly creative approach to Public Relations with our digital minds. We focus on getting your brand out there. 

Digital Marketing consists of web design, web development, content creation as well as content creation. We provide social media advertising, display advertising, SEO, Google Adwords and many more. 

For our video production and photography services, we have joined Rv-sion Worldwide, a fully fledged creative video production company in Africa. We provide video services for weddings, events in the corporate world, TV commercials, video shoots, documentary films, and many more. Changing your ideas into a royal vision. 

Our Event services, we are in control of all stages of the event, from the beginning to the end. 

Interested in the services above, do contact us at www.digispacehub.co.za

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