Marketing Trends for 2022

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An excessive growth of digital platforms provides new strategies to play around with to generate growth for your online business.

Social media is constantly changing which makes it hard for companies to keep up with trends. A plan must concentrate on long term goals and must be subdivided into short-term goals. 

Research about 5 Marketing trends have been done. Marketing trends such as content, virtual reality and augmented reality, representation,  privacy and issues regarding sustainability will be discussed below .

Content should be made convenient :

Brands are encouraged to use their best strategies with content and must ensure that their audience is effortlessly consuming the brand. Do not use fancy words or convey an incomplete message. Making use of visuals and avoiding paragraphs of information give users 10-15 seconds to interpret. Graphic designs and pictorials can lead brands to success. 

Virtual Reality and augmented reality:

Virtual reality and augmented reality  share similarities but differs in respect of technology.  VR has to do with simulations or digital fields which one can view and be immersed in.  AR uses digital information which dominates the physical information to create a visual environment one can interact with, for instance Meta. Meta will soon become the most successful platform of social media. 

Key role of representation:

Advertising industry emphasizes the importance of representation. Representation must include specific groups such as people of colour or those residing outside of the city. The more vulnerable groups are represented,  the more appealing the brand or company is. 

The importance of privacy:

Privacy control and security has failed many. Companies and businesses must focus on protecting the customers’ privacy. Developing and implementing a system for the customer is a great way to protect them and their personal Information in this day and age. 

People are acknowledging different perspectives in connection with sustainability, goodwill, change of climate, shaming of people’s physical appearances  and many other issues. 

It’s very difficult for the consumer to connect with brands that are irresponsible towards humanity or to the environment. Many brands began creating cruelty-free products which resonated strongly with consumers’ decisions. 

To round off the article, marketing trends play a crucial role for brands, companies and businesses. It’s very important to keep up to date with the latest trends for a successful business. It also has its disadvantages because updating to the latest trends can be hard and affect the company majorly.

By Monique Willemse 

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